Welcome to the 90s Lookbook

This is the first post of The 90s Lookbook! I want to share with you my goals of this blog and what you will find here. I know you have a lot of options of where to browse online, so genuinely, thank you for taking time to read this blog. The 90s Lookbook focuses on specific styles and fashion from the 1990s.

A little about the person behind this blog

I’m Courtney Mirenzi started the 90s Lookbook after two decades of blogging. I covered a wide range of different topics from personal travel blogging to 90s nostalgia. I have a long career in the tech sector, and returned to blogging after getting laid off (twice!) in 2023. That was rough, so here I am. I’m also a slinger of vintage clothes over on eBay.

The concept of the 90s Lookbook

In the 2000s and 2010s, I obsessively kept scrapbooks with magazine cutouts in them. I called them “lookbooks,” and used them to track my own personal style preferences. In these sketchbooks, Iwould rearrange different clippings based on style and vibe. I loved mixing and matching celebrity looks with ads and beauty products. Today, we have Pinterest which is great, but ya know, not the same.

I wanted to create a site that captured my love for 90s fashion and drilled down to specific genres. I’ve seen a lot of posts about, say, 90s grunge. But what about a specific celebrity’s grunge book and how to recreate it using today’s clothing? Or where can you find a specific item that was a staple in 90s clothing? That was always my interest–the specifics, not hugely broad genres or topics.

Want a specific post? Reach out!

Want to see a specific post here on the 90s Lookbook? Please reach out and let me know. I do my best to get it covered if it fits with the rest of the content here!

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