Product Gifting Policy

Please refer to this page for the terms and conditions of working with the 90s Lookbook on a product gifting partnership.

Terms & Conditions of offers of gifted items

If you would like to offer me a PR product, sample or service (“Product Gifting”), whether for review or to style and post on my blog or social media platforms, my Product Gifting Policy is as follows:

  • I reserve the right to decide if and when to feature a PR sample/gifted product/service in a blog post or on my social media platforms. By sending the items to me you agree that I am under no obligation to feature them.
  • PLEASE NOTE THIS DOESN’T MEAN I WON’T FEATURE PR PRODUCTS – it means I am simply not being held accountable to a brief or being asked for specifics.
  • I may or may not post about the item in whatever context (blog or social media platform) I deem appropriate and within my own time frame.
  • If the item is either unsuitable, I do not like it or it does not have any effect, I will most likely not feature it at all rather than publish a negative review.
  • A collaboration that requires guaranteed blog/social media exposure (or any other requests like specific keywords or links) is considered sponsored content and therefore chargeable – see paragraph below – I have to declare those items as earnings if guaranteed coverage is requested and therefore pay tax on them.
  • If/when a gifted product appears on the blog or in a social media post I will clearly disclose that the item was a PR product/a gifted service.
  • Any links included in a blog post will be “no follow” or “sponsored” in accordance with Google’s guidelines about paid links, whether “payment” was via a gifted item/service or monetary compensation. Please click here to read about Google’s Link Schemes.
  • By sending the items to me you agree that any returns or collections of unsuitable items and any tax or customs duties/import fees that occur will be covered.
  • If gifted product(s) or samples are sent to me without warning or my prior consent all the terms above still apply.

*Please understand that I am VERY likely to feature your product if I accept it as I only accept a small percentage of things I am offered, and then it’s only things I really like/would like to try.

‘No obligation’ does not mean ‘No feature’! It simply means please don’t chase me about when your gift will be featured, plus I am not obligated to include specific verbiage or publish at a certain time or on a particular platform when other brands have paid me a fee to do so.

Fees for a guaranteed blog post feature, social media exposure or similar

The fee quoted will reflect what deliverables are required and will be quoted based on those requirements. Please request a quote by emailing with full details of what you require and I will get back to you with my fees.

By monetising the blog I can continue to publish great content to interest and inspire my readers and earn their trust and loyalty.

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