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Why work with Courtney?

The 90s Lookbook is a unique fashion and style website focused on curated trends from the 90s. Many broad posts have been written on 90s fashion over the years. But what makes the 90s Lookbook unique is that I really drill down into 90s trends. I help readers find answers to what they’re looking for when it comes to 90s style.

The 90s Lookbook works with advertisers and brands that are a good fit for the content found here.

New blog, lots of experience

The 90s Lookbook is a new blog but it’s backed by over 20 years of blogging experience. In the past, I’ve written on lifestyle, beauty and cultural topics. I also have a background in technology, photography and selling vintage clothing. I graduated from The New School and pride myself in researching my posts more than the average blogger. I do not phone it in!

Topics I cover

All under the umbrella of 1990s nostalgia:
Fashion | Trends | Style | Celebrity Looks

What’s not accepted

Interviews with designers | Publish pre-written content | Brand collaborations without payment | Offer free advertising | Publish brand images (with or without payment) | Publish infographics (with or without payment)

Collaboration Opportunities

Gifted Products & Services

I am happy to consider offers of gifted products and/or services.

Prices vary according to the amount of exposure you wish to have on my blog and/or social media platforms, therefore please email hello[@] for a quote/further details.

I will only feature items (and services) that I feel fit the style of the , would buy myself and would be of interest to my readers, though I am open to all reasonable suggestions.

Please review my product gifting guidelines here.

Sponsored Posts, Text Links, Guest Posting

I do occasionally accept sponsored posts where I write about a brand, incorporate details about a brand’s products or services into a topic that I am able to write in full myself. As I work ethically and it is a legal requirement that I disclose when I have been compensated they will be clearly marked as sponsored content in line with the FTC guidelines.

All links in posts which have been paid for will be “sponsored” links in accordance with Google’s guidelines on paid links, and in all cases I will always give my 100% honest opinion.

I decide whether to accept sponsorship based on whether I am inspired by the brand, collection or item I have asked to write about; therefore, please provide me with relevant links first for me to consider your offer.

Guest posts are considered on a case-by-case basis. If published, they will be marked as a guest post.Send an email to hello[@] with details of what you have in mind for a collaboration (please include links) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

For PR/collaboration inquiries contact:


For all personal inquires contact:


Please note I do all my own admin and if I am out working I may not be able to get back to you for a few days – I will always priotize queries for paid work over everything else.

DISCLOSURE: Items marked* are PR products (I never accept anything I wouldn’t choose for myself) and my opinions are 100% honest. If a post contains a paid product or affiliate link, this will be stated above the fold, usually in the second or third paragraph of a post. I also use affiliate links where I may earn commission if you click through and buy, at no cost to you.

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